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Sales Rep-to-Retailer Platform

PlumRiver Delivers Increased sales - Faster order processing - Smoother cash flow - Lower personnel costs Better customer service - Greater accuracy - Stronger brand promotion


Empower Sales Representatives to Maximize Sales

With powerful PlumRiver online tools at their fingertips, your sales representatives can spend more time selling and building customer relationships, and less time on administrative tasks. Sale representatives have instant access to all customer, product, order, and promotional information anytime, anywhere, whether in the office or on the road. That minimizes the need for customer service support, while maximizing time, cost efficiency, productivity and sales potential.


Reduce Administrative Time

PlumRiver gives sales representatives everything they need to effectively and efficiently manage their accounts. From a single point of access, they can see all accounts, and easily switch from one account to another. They can also search products by multiple criteria and by catalog, check pricing, monitor inventory, create order forms and templates offline, then quickly upload for delivery to the company ERP system for
end-to-end order management. Our Information Portal provides instant access to needed documents and forms, while communication tools and analytics and reporting features keep critical information flowing throughout the sales chain.

Enhance Sales Effectiveness

Targeted sales programs can help representatives zero in on their customers’ interests and purchasing patterns. PlumRiver marketing, merchandising and promotional program features allow representatives to create custom product proposals that strengthen the sales effort. Sales representatives can also use the PlumRiver Booking Tool to coordinate with retailers in developing pre-season orders.



Strengthen Customer Relationships

The key to effective selling is building customer relationships. PlumRiver facilitates stronger and more effective interactions between sales representatives and customers. Workflow and communication features enable the connections and collaboration that create customer loyalty.

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