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Brand-to-Retailer Platform

PlumRiver Delivers Increased sales - Faster order processing - Smoother cash flow - Lower personnel costs Better customer service - Greater accuracy - Stronger brand promotion


Build Profitability and Retailer Loyalty

Enhancing efficiency and service for your retailers generates a return on investment to you – in customer loyalty and profitability. That’s the PlumRiver advantage. Custom designed for the specialty retail market, PlumRiver eCommerce solutions deliver rich functionality that speeds and streamlines all facets of business interactions with retail customers, while reducing operational costs for manufacturers and distributors. With PlumRiver, you can build your bottom line, while making it easier for customers to do business with you 24×7.


Increase Operational Efficiency

With PlumRiver, your retailers find the information they need quickly and easily in a highly user friendly web format. They can browse and search catalogs, find product details, manage inventory, or set up automatic inventory replenishment. PlumRiver makes it easy to view pricing, create and manage orders, view account history, plan for the upcoming season, process payments, and perform day to day operational tasks. By providing online access to the information your customers require, PlumRiver decreases the need for sales and customer service interaction. That saves time, money and manpower, while streamlining operations for you and your retailer.

Enhance Sales

Sales-enhancing modules within the PlumRiver solution provide highly effective tools for strengthening brand identity, merchandising and sales promotion. Capture your retailer’s attention in a compelling and highly individualized format that drives orders and increases sales.



Build Customer Loyalty

When you make doing business easier, you build customer loyalty. PlumRiver eCommerce solutions enhance workflow and communication, giving your retailers the ability to manage account activity anywhere, and communicate with your customer service department and your reps anytime, in the way that works best for them. More importantly, by putting information and functionality at their fingertips, the PlumRiver solution helps retailers make smart decisions for their business.

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