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PlumRiver Delivers Increased sales - Faster order processing - Smoother cash flow - Lower personnel costs - Better customer service - Greater accuracy - Stronger brand promotion


Automate and Expand Direct-to-Consumer Capabilities

The PlumRiver B2C eCommerce solution is a fully ERP-integrated Business-to-Consumer solution that automates many of the B2C site administrative processes that traditional “web store” software requires. Enhance sales capabilities, streamline purchase processing functions, and strengthen profitability through expanded direct-to-consumer services and capabilities.


Integrate Seamlessly with Your Existing ERP System

Manufacturers who are using the PlumRiver B2B eCommerce platform for retailers can easily add B2C functionality for consumers. Because the same data and interfaces used in the retailer platform are used in the consumer platform, product data and inventory availability can all be loaded and updated into the consumer site directly from the ERP system. And, all B2C web orders and credit card approval data can be delivered directly back into the ERP. PlumRiver site administration functions are also simplified through the B2C solution.

Expand Sales Capabilities

The broad functionality of the PlumRiver B2C solution opens doors to increased sales. Easy product search features and exciting product presentation capabilities enhance the online shopping experience. Discounts, gift certificates, special pricing and targeted purchasing programs for specific consumer groups can easily be created, providing opportunities to expand market share. With Site-to-Site Referral, you can direct consumers to retailers with product in stock. The PlumRiver solution also connects your brand with the power of social media, linking your company and products to a world of potential buyers.



Streamline Order Processing

Process orders smoothly and accurately, while reducing administration and increasing customer satisfaction. The B2C eCommerce solution encompasses all purchasing functions, including payments, tax compliance, quantity requirements, discount applications, shipping coordination and email notifications to customers.

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