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B2B Software Integration and Implementation

PlumRiver Delivers Minimized impact on IT operations - ERP compatible standard and custom adaptors - Sophisticated integration processes - Control of critical business data - Highly scalable architecture

While moving you to a better way of doing business, PlumRiver works to minimize the impact of integration on your current operations and IT staff. We understand that each customer’s IT platform, infrastructure and staffing are unique, and offer a wide choice of integration and implementation options.

ERP Adaptors

Whatever ERP system you are currently using, PlumRiver has an adaptor solution that will fit. Our process includes adaptors for SAP, Oracle, Axapta, Navision, Footworks and others. For unique or custom ERP systems, we can develop a custom adaptor.


Integration Methodologies

PlumRiver eCommerce solutions are built on the latest Microsoft platforms and anchored in a robust architecture that keeps you in control of critical data and processes. Using a loosely coupled integration model and near-real-time approach, PlumRiver assures that you never surrender control or open access to your critical business systems and data.

We utilize industry standard protocols for data transport ,and sophisticated capabilities for data transformation. The PlumRiver web hub incorporates highly scalable database and web architecture that reduces the impact of heavy web traffic on your databases. A standard-based interface for data integration with host systems greatly reduces implementation time and maintenance. And, web applications are easily accessible and configurable.