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B2B Software - Consulting

PlumRiver Delivers Minimized impact on IT operations - ERP compatible standard and custom adaptors - Sophisticated integration processes - Control of critical business data - Highly scalable architecture


A Partnership for Your Success

With PlumRiver, one-size never fits all. Our eCommerce solutions are created through a partnership approach focused on understanding your business, your operations and your goals. Your completed eCommerce system will be customized to your needs, and our experts will work with you every step of the way to assure success.


Brand-to-Specialty Retailer Market Expertise

The PlumRiver management and technical support team have years of experience in sports, footwear, apparel and other specialty retail markets. They understand the unique requirements of this market as well as the challenges and opportunities presented to manufacturers and distributors. When you work with PlumRiver, you gain the advantage of people who know your business and are ready to hit the ground running in guiding you to the optimum eCommerce solution.

Complete Project Management

Our professional staff will help manage and steer your eCommerce project through a variety of phases and deliverable . Our process is designed to deliver a highly effective solution with a minimum of time and cost.