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Sales Rep-to-Retailer eCommerce Platform

PlumRiver Retailer eCommerce Platform makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. The user-friendly applications and modules provide fast, easy access to the information needed to order, manage and market products, process payments and more.


  • Browse catalogs
  • Search for specific products
  • Organize catalogs by department or category hierarchies
  • Visual Virtual Catalog "Flip-Through"
  • Product Detail
  • Product Attributes
  • Long Descriptions
  • Product Dynamic Imaging (Zoom, Spin, Color Swatching)
  • Asset Upload, Manipulation and Storage
  • Permission Based Restricted Access and Asset Downloads
  • Images, Video, Documents


  • Available to Sell/Available to Promise
  • Multiple Warehouse Visibility
  • Safety Stock
  • Case Packs
  • Create, Manage and Administer Model Orders
  • Automated Retail Inventory Management
  • Automated Replenishment Orders
  • Minimums, Date Ranges, Replenishment Frequency
  • Approval Processes


Order Creation

  • Build Orders from Style or Department Order Forms
  • Build and Save Blank Order Forms
  • Save Order
  • Copy Order
  • Create Multiple Ship-To Orders
  • Change Orders

Order History

  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Web Orders
  • ERP Orders
  • Invoices and Tracking
  • Open Orders and Status
  • Retailer-Rep Work Flow

Retailer POS Integration

  • Uploads
  • SKU, Price Validation


  • In Season Reorder Customer-Level Pricing
  • Sales Program Presentation and Enforcement
    • Date Driven
    • Volume Driven
    • Cross Category
    • History Based
  • Pre-Season Booking Tools
    • Multiple Ship-To's
    • Multiple Shipping Windows
    • Past Ordering History at SKU Level


Brand Identity

  • Websites Customized to Reflect Customer Brand Identity
  • Site Graphics Themes and Skins
  • Single or Multiple Brand Navigation

Tablet App

  • iPad, Android, Windows
  • Offline and Online
  • Offline catalogs, views and marketing presentations
  • Build assortments
  • Syncs with B2B website
  • Present customers, products inventory availability and place orders
  • Present reports and sales materials


  • Visual Merchandising Tools
  • Retailer – Rep Work Flow
  • Create Customized Catalogs and Marketing Presentations
  • Publish, Print and PDF
  • Turn Collections into Orders

Media Portal

  • Asset Upload, Manipulation and Storage
  • Permission Based Restricted Access and Asset Downloads
  • Images, Video, Documents

Sales Promotion

  • Specials
  • Spotlights
  • Cross Sell, Up Sell, Substitute Sell
  • E-Video

Information Portal

  • Inventory Availability Reports
  • Sales Analysis Reports
  • Order Status
  • Special Program Price Lists
  • Commission Reports
  • Marketing Materials
    • Product Images
    • Company Logos
    • Advertising Slicks
    • Promotional Publications
    • Catalogs
    • Press Releases
  • Forms
    • Credit Applications
    • Order Forms
    • Price Lists
    • Shop Employee Pro Forms
    • Legal Documents
  • Retailer Requests
    • UPC Code Spreadsheets for Downloading to POS Systems
    • Pricing