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Sales Rep-to-Retailer eCommerce Platform

PlumRiver Retailer eCommerce Platform makes it easier for your customers to do business with you. The user-friendly applications and modules provide fast, easy access to the information needed to order, manage and market products, process payments and more.

Features & Functionality

  • Features & Functionality
  • Enhanced Product Search
  • Discount Coupon Code
  • VIP and Pro Sales Access Codes
  • Customer Categories
  • Customer Categories Pricing
  • Multiple Level Customer Access
  • Up-Selling/Cross-Selling

Order Processing Features

  • On-Line Credit Card and Check Authorization
  • Minimum and maximum quantity
  • Sales Tax calculation and reporting
  • Customized Zones for Sales Tax and Shipping
  • Discounting
  • Discounting with Options
  • UPS / USPS Real-Time Interface
  • Order and Email Encryption
  • HTML Emails

Site Administrative Features

  • Different Administrative Accounts
  • Order Logging and Reporting
  • Affiliate Tracking
  • IP Tracking
  • Restrict Access by IP Address
  • Site use and navigation analysis

Back End integration

  • Features & Functionality Order Processing Features Site Administrative Features Back End Integration
  • SQL database platform
  • Integrated with PlumRiver Host Data Interchange (HDI)
  • PlumRiver Web Hub integration for data extracts and for order delivery into host ERP system.
  • Fully hosted in Tier 1 facility